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  • College Admissions Prep - Professional College Counselor, Mrs. Judy Young of College Excellence LLC, provides guidance and practical tips so students know what it takes for them to get into their dream college and get a head start on college admissions.
  • SAT/ACT Diagnostic - A test used to determine which exam you are better-suited so you can decide where to focus your efforts after the class. This proposed workshop focuses on the SAT exam.
  • Online SAT/ACT Prep – A full-length course in both ACT and SAT that can be utilized through high school graduation. This resource allows students to study at their own pace and take the test multiple times at no additional cost.
  • Guided Test Prep - Instructors from Brilliant Minds Tutoring focus on the questions that occur most frequently on the SAT with 2 hours of in person group tutoring on each section of the test to help students master the most important sections. This workshop gives students the strategies for the best point increase.


  • Discounted rates for one-on-one Private Tutoring to target deficiencies and accelerate strengths to further improve their academic skills.
  • Discounted rates for one-on-one assistance with Essay Writing to further improve their college applications and college options.  

Sponsorship Forms are available upon request.

Call College Excellence at 713-333-9359 for questions or more information. (Ask for Mrs. Judy Young)